Photography Planner ~ FREE PRINTABLE

A few years ago I thought I wanted to try my hand at photography.  Actually I love it very much and I still spend time working on my skills, but its just a hobby for me now.

During the days of my photography passion I had to have it all organized which included a planner for all of my photography love.  I had previously shared a printable from that planner and since I have shut the blog down that hosted that printable, I decided I would revamp it and share it here with you all since it was such a post printable at my previous blog.

The check list included a place to fill in all the details for the client details and the session details.  That helped me with making sure I didn’t forget anything about the family or our plans for the session.  Sometimes the family would have a specific request and I would make a note of it on this page so I didn’t forget it.

Next I included a check list for everything I needed to pack for the session.  I always liked to make sure I knew everything I was packing before head.  I have some items that I always took to every session that is pre-filled in and then I included blank lines for anything extra I planned to take with me.

Then I had a section for any posing ideas I had.  It made it easy for me to jot down any thoughts I had and when I was at the session I could glance back at my sheet and remember my ideas.

Finally, I included a section for editing so I could make note of when I promised the finished images, how many images and everywhere I had shared the images on social media.

You can download your copy of my photography session printable HERE.  Be sure to check back as I will be sharing my full planner in the future!!


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