Bullet Journal – July 2017 Set Up

I have missed sharing my bullet journal with you all these last few months, however, I can say I have been using my bullet journal through this long process.  Actually this month will be my last month in my purple bullet journal and next month I will be moving into a new bullet journal.

A while back we were in Target and I saw these really cute stickers and washi tape I just had to have.  I have been saving them ever since then for my July set up.  However, I did realize in the process of setting up the month of July that I don’t use washi tape and stickers very often in my planner.  I tend to prefer to leave things a little simpler with just a color scheme for each month.

Bullet Journal July 2017-1

I set up my monthly calendar spread just like I always do, except this month’s color scheme is red and blue (of course for 4th of July).  I did include some of the stickers on my calendar page.

Bullet Journal July 2017-2

I absolutely love my gratitude log and do not plan to change it any time soon.  With all the stress over the last few months its help me find something each day to be thankful for.  My self care tracker has been the same for several months now.  I am thinking about changing it up in August.  I have seen some super cute ideas on Instagram.

Bullet Journal July 2017-3

I did decide to add an editorial calendar into my plans for this month.  I am working really hard on getting back to blogging here and at Anderson Puppy Palace so I felt like the editorial calendar was very much needed.

Bullet Journal July 2017-4

I love my social media tracker and my abundance log.  It helps me to track the growth of my shops and my blog and see how I am doing with growing my social media and my shops each month.

Bullet Journal July 2017-5

Focus and task are something that I picked up from Your Best Year 2017.  I am not sure I will continue using the focus on a monthly basis next month, but I do know the task is really helpful in making sure I achieve what I want to achieve each month, but it breaks everything down into weekly task.

Bullet Journal July 2017-6

That is my basic set up for each month.  After that I will start my dailies!!  Do you blog about your bullet journal??  I would love to see it.  Drop a link in the comments and I’ll check it out.


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