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What is your Why??

I read this book called “Start with Why“.  Its been on my list of books to read for a long time now.  I really can’t remember where I first heard about it, that caused me to be interested in reading.  But I am so glad I did finally read it.  I read this book for business purposes, but came away from it with so much more.

Start with Why

Everyone has a why.  Every company has a why.  But the question is are you living your why?  Is the companies why clear by the way the operate?

After reading this book I got to really thinking about my “why” in life.  You see for some time now I have been less than lovin’ life.  So many times I have said I like the song “That Don’t Song Like You” by Lee Brice because I relate to that song so much.  But after reading this book I realized I can relate to it because I forgot my “why”.  Life get so complicated and so busy that we seem to forget about what is important.

After reading “Start with Why” and thinking about my life, I realize what makes me happy in life are the simpler things.  If you have ever asked me what my favorite gift is that my husband gave me it would be the CD of songs he gave me our first Valentine’s together that are how he feels about me.  Its probably one of the simplest gifts he could ever give me, but it has so much mean.  What are some of my favorite memories in life??  Saturday breakfast at my Mamaw and Papaw’s house with all my family, going on walks at 2 a.m. and just enjoying nature, going mud riding and getting stuck, waiting forever on the fishing line to sink so I could catch that huge fish with my grandfather, playing Mexican Train after dinner, hanging out at the play ground or the pool and watching the children play, listening to my Dad talk about his childhood, watching my Dad build a chicken coop, trying to drive the gator, waking up to the sunrise over looking the water.  Not all of those things are from my childhood, a lot of them are from adulthood.  But so many times we forget to slow down and enjoy those things.

My new why is “a simpler life”.  Less stuff, a smaller house and more experiences.  What makes life simple??  Over the next months and years you are going to see a lot more of making my life simpler.  You are going to see my sharing a simpler life with everyone and enjoying more of lives little moments with my husband, kids, parents, parents in love, dogs and siblings.

I didn’t expect to get so much out of this book that would relate to my blog, but what I was really looking to learn more about was how to grow Anderson Puppy Palace.  I may share my why for my business over there too.  =)


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