Thursday To Do

Thursday To Do #1

I have decided I want to start doing weekly planning post. It will help me focus on making our house into our home.

Thursday To Do

The first room I want to focus on is our dining room/school room. I mean for obvious reasons, this is where I teach my children and I want this room to be everything we want and need it to be.

Of course the first thing on my list is PAINT!! These walls need a bright pretty coat of paint. But I really had no clue what color I want this room to be. Sooooo…..

I took the kids to Lowe’s and they picked out some color samples. Which of the colors do you like the best for our school room?? The walls in our previous school room were gray, but I am trying to do something more cheerful in this room.  Of course two of the kids picked out a gray color.  They told me the school rooms when they were in public school was gray so I guess that is really all they have ever known.

Photo Jul 01, 11 41 01 AM

This room has a good bit of natural light coming in from the huge window and “if” we ever open the front door even more light is coming in.

Now you may have seen a sneak peek on Instagram stories that I have already chosen a color and painted the walls and trim.  Also you will know I actually went back to Lowe’s and got ANOTHER color sample before I decided on a color.  Adam’s selection for the win.

So what do I have left to do to get the dining room/school room how I want it??

  1. Paint Walls
  2. Paint Trim
  3. Purchase Three New Outlet Covers (Lowe’s was out of the ones to match most of the other ones in our house)
  4. Repair Blinds (We do have nice blinds, but a few of them are slightly messed up)
  5. Hang Dry Erase Boards
  6. Hang Posters
  7. Arrange Furniture
  8. Set Up Bradley’s Area
  9. Make a Valance
  10. Purchase a Curtain Rod
  11. Create Wall Art (I am going to put a quote or versus on the wall above the window)
  12. Install a Hook for our Library Bag
  13. Purchase Another Dry Erase Board

I think after that we will be good to be with the dining room/school room!!  Make sure you watch Instagram for sneak peeks of when I have stuff done and once I am completely done I will do a room tour of our finished dining room/school room!!


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