Welcome to Bible Journaling

A few years ago on my ride to (or maybe home from) the beach, I was catching up on reading some of my favorite bloggers recent post when I stumbled upon Bible journaling.  It immediately caught my interest and I began learning all I could about it and spending more time in my Bible after church illustrating the sermon.

I had to have just the right Bible and all the right supplies.  Well the supplies part was pretty easy for me since I have tons and tons of supplies from my days of scrapbooking.  But as time went by I learned something, Bible journaling is not about having the prefect Bible or all the right supplies.  Its about spending more time in God’s word.  Its about using your artistic talents to worship God.

Now I did purchase a journaling Bible.  Actually since that car ride I have purchased two journaling Bibles.  I have the black ESV single column journaling Bible and I have the KJV Creative Bible.  But before I purchased either one of these Bibles I would use you NIV that is my go to Bible (I kinda love the size of it).  I also would spend time in a sketch pad doing some Bible journaling.

Welcome to Bible Journaling-1

Next lets talk about supplies.  This is something I get asked about quiet regularly, “what supplies do you use”, “what do you use to color in your Bible”?  The best answer is “what do you have on hand??”  One of mine and my children’s favorite supplies are crayon twistable color pencils.

Welcome to Bible Journaling-2

A lot of people like to use pens in their Bible.  I have used Micropens, which are really nice because they do dry really quickly for when you are erasing pencil marks.  But I don’t like how easily the tips mess up.  One of my favorites when it comes to black pens is the Faber Castell Pitt Artist pen, but again the tip is not the best.

Welcome to Bible Journaling-3

I have also used staedler pens, which are not my favorite.  To me they run out too quickly for the price.

Welcome to Bible Journaling-4

I would rather use paper mate ink joy pens.  But honestly I don’t use pens very often in my Bible.

Welcome to Bible Journaling-5

A lot of people like to use markers in their Bible.  I have some Stampin’ Up Write which is a dual tip marker and pen combo from many years ago.  I am honestly surprised they still work.  They are some of my favorite to use.  Now before you start trying to find out where you can buy them they are my favorite because I also have ink pads that match them for my stamps.  So I can use the same color in stamp, marker or pen tip.  Another favorite marker of mine is the Towbow dual marker brushes.  Neither tip is pen like, but I do use them quiet regularly between my Bible and my journals.

Welcome to Bible Journaling-6

But when it comes to color my absolute all time favorite item to use is watercolors.  I like to cover over the whole page and by using watercolors the color is not so dark and it makes seeing the page much easier.  Again I have watercolor crayons from Stampin’ Up from many years ago and aqua painters that I use with them.  So you may not be able to find the exact watercolors that I use, but you can still find some watercolors.

Welcome to Bible Journaling-7

I hope this gives you some information in getting started with some of your supplies.  Make sure to gather up your supplies, create some beautiful art work during your worship time and share it with me on Instagram using hashtag #biblejournalingwithsheena.  Also make sure to head on over to Facebook and join our Beginner Bible Journaling Group.  I will see you back next week for more Bible Journaling tips!!


15 thoughts on “Welcome to Bible Journaling”

  1. All of these supplies… This is one reason I stay away from Bible journaling. For me, the supplies and the creating would take away my attention from the worshiping. I used to be a big Stationery fan – penpal – friendship book trader. ^_^
    I think if I kept a separate journal, instead of using the Bible, then I might be able to concentrate.
    Something cool would be to have a group journal. Maybe a group of 10 people each decorate and share a few pages of what God’s teaching them and then pass it along to the next. At the end, you’ll have a lovely piece of art and lessons from God. What do you think?


    1. In our group I always tell people to not get caught up in what Bible and what supplies. That the focus should be on worshipping God. You could use a separate journal for it.

      The group journal idea sounds really need.


  2. I do a different journal for my Bible study but I’ve been trying to get into Bible journaling and actually write it in my Bible which I always been afraid to do I can do a few highlights and having having a hard time coming up with a theme to remember what the highlights are, I already have a lot of these supplies which are my regular arts and crafts supplies if I feel that I’m getting overwhelmed with it selection of pain or Journal I keep it simple I’ll use this one call or for several versus or for a whole day I want switch colors and just get back to focusing on the I joined this group to get some basic ideas on how to Star drawing and journaling inside the Bible.


    1. A lot of people have a hard time journaling in there Bible and use a separate journal instead of their Bible. I have a separate Bible for studying than for journaling. Have you tried a permission page to help you with not wanting to journal in your Bible?? It really helped me a lot when I got started.


  3. Sorry I dictated the last post and can’t figure out how to edit, I join the group to get ideas on how to journal more efficiently in my bible and not always have to doit in my journal. I do use highlighting but don’t assign a meaning to the colors, since i can decide what they need to be. Thanks and sorry for the double post, admin if you can please delete my previous post.


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