Thursday To Do #2

Thursday To Do

This week on my Thursday To Do series I want to talk about my kitchen.  When I was working on my dining room/school room color I decided I wanted to paint my kitchen the same color and I really thought I would have enough paint left, but I don’t.  Also I am exhausted from painting the dining room/school room and in the need to not over do it I may wait a few more weeks to paint the kitchen.  But I do have plenty of other projects to work on in the kitchen.

House Tour Before-8

  1. Remove Keurig
  2. Paint Walls
  3. Paint Trim
  4. Refinish Table
  5. Refinish Small Appliance Shelf
  6. Create Menu Board
  7. Create Vinyl Wall Art

I am sure as I get in there and get to work I will find more stuff I want to do too!!  I do know down the road I want to tile the backsplash, replace the counter top and add lights under the counters.

Lets look to see how the dining room/school room is coming along.  Last week this was my list:

  1. Paint Walls
  2. Paint Trim
  3. Purchase Three New Outlet Covers (Lowe’s was out of the ones to match most of the other ones in our house)
  4. Repair Blinds (We do have nice blinds, but a few of them are slightly messed up)
  5. Hang Dry Erase Boards
  6. Hang Posters
  7. Arrange Furniture
  8. Set Up Bradley’s Area
  9. Make a Valance
  10. Purchase a Curtain Rod
  11. Create Wall Art (I am going to put a quote or versus on the wall above the window)
  12. Install a Hook for our Library Bag
  13. Purchase Another Dry Erase Board

Since then we have repaired the blinds, hung the posters, set up Bradley’s area, purchased another dry erase board and created wall art.  So now my To Do List for the Dining Room/School Room is:

  1. Purchase Three New Outlet Covers (Lowe’s was out of the ones to match most of the other ones in our house)
  2. Purchase a Curtain Rod
  3. Make a Valance
  4. Install a Hook for our Library Bag

I am knocking things out!!  This room will probably go the fastest since its our school room and it won’t be long before we will be preparing to start back to school.  But that means it won’t be too long before a room tour!!  Woohoo!!!!!!

Oh yeah and in the process of working on it I have decided I want a rug to go in Bradley’s area.  So that just adds something to my list, but that should be pretty easy.


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