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Thursday To Do #3

So if have seen my last two post in this series, #1 and #2, then you know I have ALOT of work to do to make this house our home, which I have done NONE of this past week.  BUT…I also still have my regular everyday stuff to do such as preparing for the next school year.

Thursday To Do

I spent about three days where all I did was plan for next school year.  Normally this is a process that I start in January and by the end of the school year I am basically ready for the next school year other than pulling out last years school work and setting up for the next year.  But with all of this moving, yep I started this process LAST WEEK!!!!  But surprisingly I have come along way in a week.

My newest love in the planner world is Happy Planners (more about that later) so of course I went out and picked up one of the Teacher Happy Planners for this next school year.  I absolutely love how cute it is and the stickers that go with it are even cuter!!  I have been working on creating some personalized stickers for my planner.  Be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Thursday To Do #3

I have planned out our whole school calendar.  I don’t like to have short weeks so this year I decided to plan a fall break during the week of Labor Day since we start back early August.  After that other than Thanksgiving break, Christmas break and spring break we are not planning for any other days off.  One nice thing about homeschooling is that even when you have something else going on (like bad weather) we can still do our school work.  I do actually have more days planned than our cover school requires.  But honestly we enjoy school and even during our breaks we still end up doing stuff related to school.

I have planned out which curriculum we are using for everything this year.  This year is Bradley’s first required year of school, so he will be joining us in some stuff this year and he will have some of his own stuff to do this year as well.  Our curriculum is based on a Charlotte Mason method.  Later on I’ll give you a break down of all the curriculum we are using this year.  One thing I have found that I really like to do is purchase e-books instead of physical books because I am generally using the same book for multiple children and it ends up being cheaper that way.

To Do List

  • Make Subject Stickers
  • Send Registration to Cover School
  • Set Up Kindles
  • Sell Old Curriculum
  • Order New Curriculum
  • Purchase Supplies
  • Pull Old Curriculum Off Shelves
  • Pull Need Curriculum from Totes
  • Sign Up for Homeschool Minder
  • Pack 2017-2018 School Work
  • Label Memory Verse Box
  • Research Kindergarten More
  • Make Shape Lacing Cards
  • Laminate Matching Cards
  • Gather Counting Books

This was my to do list that I started in my planner as I was working and as you can see I have already marked off a good many things.  I seriously can not believe Bradley is already starting Kindergarten, it seems like we were just bringing him home from the NICU and running back and forth to the doctor everyday.

Be sure to check back next week and hopefully I will have a lot more knocked off this list and more off of my to do list from redecoration the school room.


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