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Personalized Library Bag for Back to School – Free Cut File

We are getting ready for back to school in full force at our house!!  We are starting back on MONDAY!!  And there is still several things I want to finish up before we start back.  Hopefully I get it all done!!  One of the projects I have finished up for our back to school and just in time for our pre-first day of school library trip is this adorable library bag.  With us homeschooling we pick up a lot of books at the library and we usually try to go once a week.  That doesn’t always happen, but when it doesn’t we usually still have plenty of books until our next trip anyway.

Library Bag-1

When the children and I went looking for this bag I told them I wanted one that I could add some heat transfer vinyl to and make it custom for us.  I didn’t want a bag that was too girly looking since I do have two boys.  I had this vision in my head of the shape I wanted the bag to be and I wanted a pocket on it.  So we looked one day at Hobby Lobby and it was a week that just happen to have their Me & My B.A.G. products on sale!!  Of course that meant a good bite of their blank bags were sold out.  But as the children and I walked up and down the aisle looking for just the prefect bag until we found this one.  Its a natural laminated jute tote with canvas pocket.  I so did not realize the inside was laminated until AFTER I had used it on the heat press, oops!!  But it came out just fine!!


On the pocket I wanted to add a quote.  When the children asked me what I was going to put on it they were all saying stuff and I told them I wanted a cute quote to put on it.  One of the children said “what about a Dr. Suess quote”?  Of course, you can never go wrong with Dr. Suess and children so I went to searching online for the prefect quote when I came upon this one:

“The more you read, the more you know, the more you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Suess

I just knew this was the prefect quote for our library bag!!

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 11.25.50 PM

I decided to use red and blue for the writing to make it gender neutral and I wanted some of the words to stand out more.  So I made read, know, learn and you’ll go in a larger bolder font.  Now our bag is all ready for our before school starts library trip!!  Bradley official starts school next week and we are going to need lots of books with him learning how to read!!

Library Bag-2

Want to make your own bag??  You can download your own copy of the cut file here.  Please remember all file downloads and printables are free FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  No commercial use or redistribution is permitted.  This means that you can use the files to make things for yourself or as gifts but you are NOT permitted to sell any items you create with the files.  You also may not sell or share the files themselves.

If you use my cut file to create your own bag or other item I would love to see it!!  Please comment below with a link where I can see it or tag me on Instagram.


10 thoughts on “Personalized Library Bag for Back to School – Free Cut File”

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  2. What a great idea. My kids had their own bags for trips to the library. It was a great way to keep track of the books so we didn’t lose them. And it certainly made it easy to carry back and forth to the library! Thanks for sharing with me and the #HomeMattersParty 🙂

    Life With Lorelai


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