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Subject Stickers for Your Planner ~ Free Stickers

Getting ready for back to school can be quiet a task for a teacher!!  This year I decided to change my planner to a Happy Planner and I picked up the teacher edition at Hobby Lobby.  I’ll share more about my planner later on.  Today I want to share with you some subject stickers I made for my planner, and you can get yours for FREE!!

I totally forgot to take a picture of the stickers before I started using them.  I was so busy getting ready for back to school I wasn’t really thinking about blogging that day or that I wanted to share these super cute stickers with you.  I haven’t used all of them up yet though so I can still share a picture of my half used sheet of stickers.

Subject Stickers-1

I wanted my stickers to be a different color for each subject and I wanted bright bold colors to go along with the colors in my planner!!  I created flags shapes for all of the stickers.  I was only able to create six columns of stickers and I needed seven different colors so I decided to alternate with blank stickers except for the last sticker says notes.  This gives you extra stickers that match, but you can write your own wording on them.

Then I took the stickers and used them on my weekly pages in my planner across the top.  Then I don’t have to write the subjects out each week.  I have used some of my extra blank ones for things we do weekly and put them in the note column for the day we will do it.  Such as library, we go to the library every Wednesday so I have a sticker on Wednesday of each week under the notes that says library.

Subject Stickers-5Subject Stickers-4

You can get your FREE copy of the stickers HERE.  These stickers are made for a studio and I am not sure about converting it to work with a cricut.  Please remember all file downloads and printables are free FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  No commercial use or redistribution is permitted.  This means that you can use the files to make things for yourself or as gifts but you are NOT permitted to sell any items you create with the files.  You also may not sell or share the files themselves.  If you do not have a silhouette, but would still like the stickers let me know and I’ll create them in a PDF.


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