Thursday To Do

Thursday To Do #5

I am on a mission to have a plan for every room in my house.  Now I know I want be able to move through all the rooms as quickly as I can plan them, but I am going to get them all planned.

Thursday To Do

Today I am going to start my planning for the children’s bedrooms.  Taylor’s room probably needs the least amount of work and will be the quickest to finish.

Here is a snapshot from looking into her bedroom from the hall.

Thursday To Do #5

Here is what all needs to be done to her room:

  • Paint Walls
  • Paint Trim
  • Lower Pegboard
  • Make a Curtain to Match her Bedspread
  • Purchase & Hang Curtain Rod
  • Refinish Bed and Dresser
  • Refinish Desk
  • Hang Dry Erase Board
  • Sort Basket of Stuff

I am not completely sure if I am going to refinish her bed and dresser or not because she is getting some new furniture, but I am not completely sure when that will be.  Also even when she gets new furniture we will still keep this furniture since it was mine and I passed it down to her.


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