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Bible Journaling FREE Printable

If you have been following along with my Verse-A-Day Bible Journaling Challenge, then you know that today’s verse is Hebrews 10:19-23.

When I started working on this verse, I really wanted to do some hand lettering in my Bible, but I didn’t really know what I wanted.  So I decided to look at some fonts on my computer and put together some lettering from it.  After doing so I decided instead of copying the lettering into my Bible that I would print it on vellum and glue it into my Bible instead.  I don’t have any clear sticker paper on hand, but the vellum works pretty much the same way.

August Bible Journaling-4

I thought I would share this design with you so that you can use it to print and include in your Bible as well.  You can download your FREE copy here.  Please remember all file downloads and printables are free FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  No commercial use or redistribution is permitted.  This means that you can use the files to make things for yourself or as gifts but you are NOT permitted to sell any items you create with the files.  You also may not sell or share the files themselves.

If you use my printable, I would love to see it!!  Or if you Bible journal I would love to see it too.  Use #BibleJournalingwithSheena in Instagram or leave me a comment below.

15 thoughts on “Bible Journaling FREE Printable”

  1. I love how much comfort there is in this verse – to be reminded that HE who is always faithful is the one who is promising – so I can have complete trust in His promise being fulfilled (whether or not it comes in the way or timing I expect). Thank you!

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    1. Donna I have written several post on getting started with Bible journaling. Check out my Welcome to Bible Journaling post and Additional Supplies post. Both of those would be good for helping you with getting started. Also you can check out my Beginner Bible Journaling Facebook Group and everyone talks about what Bibles they have in there. I recommend whatever you have on hand for getting started, you don’t need any special supplies for getting started. Its about a relationship with God not what supplies you use. =)


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