Thursday To Do

Thursday To Do #6

Today I am going to share with you my plan for Alyssa’s room.  Before we moved Alyssa and Taylor’s room was the only room I had fully finished out of the children’s rooms so Alyssa’s will be the second easiest to finish.

Thursday To Do

Here is a snapshot of Alyssa’s bedroom from just inside her door.  Her room is the same size as Taylor’s other than hers has two closet and these girls have a lot of furniture.

Thursday To Do #6

Here is what all needs to be done to her room:

  • Paint Walls
  • Paint Trim
  • Enclose Opening from Installing New HVAC
  • Make a Second Curtain
  • Purchase and Hang Curtain Rod
  • Repair Blinds
  • Find a Table or Bookcase for Under TV
  • Hang Chandelier
  • Hang Art Line
  • Organize Closet for Rhino’s Room

So as you can see I have a lot more to do in Alyssa’s room that I do Taylor’s room.  But it will still be simple compared to the boy’s rooms.

The week we moved in our HVAC went out.  We had to gut our ONLY linen closet for the air handler because our crawl space hole is too small to install a new one under the house.  This closet shares two walls with Alyssa’s room and we had to cut out some of the studs to get the air handler in the closet.  It was a job, and its all done.  But where we cut out the wall to get the air handler in has not been enclosed yet.

Also I have decided one of Alyssa’s closets is going to be made into a room for Rhino.  Right now all her stuff is in the girls’ bathroom and we really hate it like that and Rhino spends all her time in Alyssa’s room so we are going to use one of Alyssa’s closets into a room for Rhino.  I am not completely sure what all I am going to do as far as setting that up, but am sure as I get in there and start working I will figure it all out.

I am sure as I get to work on Alyssa’s room I will think of more stuff (I have thought of more for Taylor’s room since last week), but that gives me a rough list to get started.  Make sure you follow me on Instagram and check out my Instastories because I have been sharing updates on there as I work on each room.


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