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$100 Room Challenge ~ Laundry Room Week 2

In case you missed it last week I am currently participating in the $100 Room Challenge with Erin from Lemons, Lavender and Laundry along with lots of other awesome ladies.  I decided to make over my laundry room and my goal is to use as much stuff that I already have on hand as possible.  If you missed it make sure you check out week 1.

This week I decided to declutter my laundry room.  Like I said this room has been a dumping ground for lots of stuff that just doesn’t belong.  Surprisingly after taking out all the trash and putting stuff away where it properly goes I did not have anything to sell or donate. I do actually have a good bit of stuff that needs to be organized, but that will have to wait till after the painting is done.

Here are some pictures of how it looks after taking all the extra stuff out of it.

$100 Room Challenge Week 2-3

Now that there isn’t anything behind the door it opens all the way and you can actually see the urinal.  It doesn’t currently work and we are hoping to be able to figure out what is wrong with it and how to fix it.  The girls really want to take it out, but surprisingly I don’t.  Having two sons with friends its kinda nice to have.  Especially since Noah’s bedroom is basically across the hall from the laundry room.

$100 Room Challenge Week 2-2

I do still have a good bit of stuff on the shelf above the washer and dryer.  But it will all be staying in the laundry room.

$100 Room Challenge Week 2-1

Make sure you come back next week so you can see how I decide to paint the laundry room.  My goal is to use paint I currently have on hand.  I have a good many different colors from all the projects I have done over the years and the accent wall colors the children have had.  So what color do you think I will use??

30 thoughts on “$100 Room Challenge ~ Laundry Room Week 2”

  1. Hi Sheena – thanks for visiting me at Vintage Mama’s Cottage. I love this post as we are getting ready to paint and update our laundry room, too. I suppose I should take pictures before and after so I can share them on my blog, too. I’m on my way to check out the challenge you are participating in to see what’s going on over there! Hope to connect with you again soon. Nina @ Vintage Mama’s Cottage

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  2. I didn’t realize you had a urinal in there! I’m sure it’s handy for the boys. I have boys at my house and sometimes wish more homes would include a urinal in the bathrooms. I wonder if it would be easier for me to keep clean.
    Stopping by from the #HomeMattersParty linky.

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    1. The urinal doesn’t work right now. The previous homeowners put it in. We are hoping its just the water is turned off to it. But we can’t figure out how to turn the water on to it.


    1. My color plan got totally flipped upside down last night when I learned I don’t have as much of a color on hand as I thought I did. But I am kinda loving how it has worked out.


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