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Fall Hard for Fall Design Themes

Fall brings out the best in my design desires because, to me, it feels like a time of transition more than any other season.  Filled with options for color, theme, and expression, I love to bring out the feeling of the changing seasons with the fall decor options I choose.

Looking for fall decorating ideas on the internet is a great way to get started and sites like Shutterfly have resources to help you augment your own designs.

Some ways I like to bring fall decor to my door:

Nature’s Splendor on the Hearth


This starts with the feeling of bringing the season indoors. For the mantel, I like to use leaf garlands as a base for design along with decorative gourds in both classic pumpkin and other squash varieties. Then I top off the design with a fun photo or sign with an invitation to my guests to come in and stay a while.

Stylish Tablescapes


While the bounty of fall explodes in oranges and reds, it’s also nice to take a breath from what can be an overwhelming amount of color and create an elegant and clean table that highlights the season in style. Simple white gourds on a white tablecloth is a gorgeous way to be able to focus on what’s really important at your table: your food!

That being said, I also like to use cute place cards to make sure that everyone has all the feels at my Thanksgiving table.


Outdoor Fall Fun

Though summer is over there are wonderful ways to keep your outdoor spaces fully dressed for the season. Along with the jack-o-lanterns on my porch, I fill my planters with fall foliage. Try some straw and mini-gourds to accent the fall feeling.

The important thing is to have fun with your fall design, but also to give your design some room to breathe. With all the wonderful ways to prepare for fall, it’s easy to overdo.

My big suggestion is to make sure you have some places for the eye to rest and to focus on a few elements rather than let the cornucopia of fall tumble all around your house. Statement pieces will tell your best fall story. Have a glorious autumn!


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