RV Renovations ~ Before Tour

Earlier this year we were homeless for about a week between selling our previous house and closing on the purchase of our current house.  During that time we were struck with what to do.  Our family is rather large (four children, four dogs, one cat and a goldfish).  After some research we decided to purchase an RV.  Adam and I have wanted an RV for quiet some time so it wasn’t a total loss for us.  Originally we were suppose to be homeless for two weeks and finding a hotel large enough that would allow us to keep all of our pets was more costly than what we spent purchasing our RV.

We knew when we purchased it there was some stuff we wanted to do to it.  But after living in it for a week, there is even more we know that we want to do to it.

Here are some pictures of how it currently looks:

RV Living Before Tour-1RV Living Before Tour-2RV Living Before Tour-3RV Living Before Tour-4RV Living Before Tour-5RV Living Before Tour-6RV Living Before Tour-7

We have lots we want to do and I am sure as we get in there and get to work we will learn of more and more we want to do.

Some things to get started include:

  1. Remove the sofa bed
  2. Paint
  3. Remove the carpet and put down new flooring
  4. Redo the wall into the bedroom so its a complete wall and door
  5. Take out everything gas
  6. Redo all the kitchen
  7. Recover the cushions for the dining table
  8. Make curtains
  9. Replace the awning
  10. Repair the bathroom

Needless to say I have a lot of work on my plate.  But I am looking forward to moving it and getting everything done.


School Room Tour

I am SO excited to be sharing our school room/dining room tour with you today!!  Now yes this is also our dining room and we do eat dinner in this room, but we eat breakfast and lunch in the kitchen.  This room is mostly used for school and I must say I LOVE it!! I could just sit in this room all day long.

When we first started out we had a lot of work to do to this room.  You can see that full list here.  But as you can tell we ended up going with a totally different paint color than we originally looked at that day.  Last week I was actually talking about purchasing a rug for Bradley’s area, but I decided to wait because I am about to get rid of a piece of furniture in his room and when I do I am going to use the rug that is under it for his area.  So I do still have two minor changes to make to this room, but there is no telling how long it will be before I do those things:

  1. Purchase Three New Outlet Covers (I don’t love these outlet covers and they are pricy)
  2. Replace Light Fixture (I will probably replace a lot of light fixtures all at once)

So on to the tour!

This is the widest angle I can get to show as much of the room as possible, but I feel like it gives you a good feel for the room.  We do have a lot of natural light coming in which I absolutely love!!

School Room Tour-7

On the big wall in our school room is where I have all our dry erase boards and a lot of our posters.  These posters include Math topics, History and Bible topics and Language Arts topic.  Each year I add to these posters and while I thought about taking some of them down the truth is we refer to them often and before long Bradley will be learning some of this stuff.

School Room Tour-2

Also on this wall and the wall that backs up to our hall is Bradley’s corner and posters.  I try to keep all of his books and supplies we are using for that week all on this bookcase.  It really makes completing school work much easier when I don’t have to look for stuff.

School Room Tour-4

Here is a close up of his bookcase.  I got the baskets on the top that hold the markers at Dollar Tree, the black and white boxes are from Hobby Lobby and the mesh baskets are from Target.  I got the Paw Patrol lap desk from Kohl’s from their Back to School goodies!!  I did receive this product for free.  Also the red basket on the floor next to the bookcase full of books came from Dollar Tree.

School Room Tour-5

At the other end of our big wall is a bookcase Adam built about five years ago.  This bookcase has been used for so many different purposes.  First it was in the girls’ room, then Alyssa’s room, then the boys’ room and now the school room!!  It holds a lot of Bradley’s books that are not pulled for this week.  One shelf hold some of my supplies since I don’t have a desk.  On top of it I have two bins (puzzles and sensory bin), my laminator, paper binder and microscope.

School Room Tour-1

On the opposite wall is our cube shelving.  This is where I store all the big kids’ curriculum that is not an ebook.  Each of them have a basket that sits on top of the shelving which holds all their binders, notebooks, Bibles, books, kindles and pencil pouches.  During school they just grab the baskets and sit them on the table so they can easily access everything.  I picked these baskets up from Dollar Tree.  Also you can see the pencil holder on the end.  It is 4 little baskets from the dollar aisle at Target.  I used hot glue to hold them together and filled them with pencils, pens, markers, color pencils and crayons so the big kids can easily access whatever they need without getting up.  I installed a hook on the end of this short wall for our library bag.  Under our library bag is a trash can I picked up from Wal-Mart and a basket from Dollar Tree for our literature books.

School Room Tour-6

I used my silhouette to create the wording “Train up a child in the way he should go Proverbs 22:6” for above the window.  I will say decals is not my favorite thing to create, but I love the way this turned out.  Hopefully with a few more projects the transfer tape and I will get along better.  So if you have any tips about transfer tape let me know!!  Also you can see my valance I made for the window.  I used some fabric I had on hand from when Bradley was in kindermusik.  It is the alphabet and I thought just prefect for the school room.

School Room Tour-3

If you have any questions about anything you see just let me know.  As you can see I like to shop at Dollar Tree and the Dollar Aisle at Target for baskets!!

House Tour BEFORE

House Tour - Before

Welcome to our new house!!  We have LOTS to do everywhere, but I wanted to go ahead and share the whole house with you and then as I get each room done I will share each room with you finish and with much more detail.  Now remember these are real life pictures.  We have not cleaned up and prepped our house for photos.  So don’t be surprised when some rooms are a mess and there is still stuff to put unpack in room.

This is our living room. See I told you, dark chocolate walls. Yuck!! We still have a bookcase to build, Adam’s desk to finish putting together and boxes to unpack.

House Tour Before-2

But looking down the hall you can see our house is much larger than our previous house.

House Tour Before-5

This is our master bedroom. Again painting! We want a new bed but that has to wait right now because of our being homeless for a week situation. Our loving dog ripped our bedspread one of the first weeks in our new house so we need a new bedspread too. I hung pictures up, but not totally sure where I want them I put LOTS of nail holes in the walls.

House Tour Before-13

This is our master bath. It really is lovely. I just need to paint ((and we can’t agree on a color)) and do some decorating.

House Tour Before-1

This is our laundry room, and it needs some major shelving and organizing.

House Tour Before-4

And our pantry, at our old house we had a huge walk in pantry and at this house we had to make the closet across the hall from our laundry room our pantry.  Adam actually added this shelving since we moved in.  I still need to do some organizing and painting.

House Tour Before-3

This is Noah’s room. This paint drives me more crazy than any room in the house. It’s like they did touch up painting with another color and there are a MILLION nail holes in his walls from them.

House Tour Before-12

This is our dining room/school room. This color isn’t completely killing me, but the so many different colors all coming together in the foyer are and its a little too dark for my taste.

House Tour Before-6

This is my office. I do love that I am right by the school room and basically in the middle of the house when I am working.

House Tour Before-7

This is our kitchen. I have no clue what they were thinking with the two different colors. It reminds me of Christmas. The refrigerator won’t come out. We tried to pull it out the first week we were here and it’s stuck so…

House Tour Before-8

This is Taylor’s room. Her room probably has the least issues.

House Tour Before-11

This is the girls’ bathroom. We are going to get rid of the jetted tub and replace it with a tub shower combo because they need a shower and that won’t be as wide so it will give more room in the bathroom.

House Tour Before-15

This is Bradley’s room. Yes he got the biggest room. He has the most stuff and the biggest bed.

House Tour Before-9

This is the boys’ bathroom. It’s going to be completely gutted and redone.

House Tour Before-10

This is Alyssa’s room. She has the room with the biggest set of blinds and they are broken.

House Tour Before-14

That’s our new house!! Make sure to check back as I work on making each room into ours and share it with you here!!