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Replacing Rotted Wood in your RV

Finding rotted wood in the RV has really slowed me down on my plans for renovating it.  However, I did find out there isn’t a currently leak in the RV, which is awesome!!  I just need to replace the rotted wood before I can move forward with my renovation.

In my last post about renovating the RV I was sharing some of the stuff I have removed from the RV and how I stopped once I found all of the rotted wood.  After some rain and learning the RV isn’t currently leaking I decided to get back to work.  I still had to take out this night stand

Water Damage-11

and this closet to finish up my demolish work.

Water Damage-1

Taking out the night stand wasn’t too hard once I figure out how it came apart.  Remember I am trying to take everything apart carefully to save as much of the wood as possible.  I do still have this one piece of wood that is screwed into the wall from the outside to remove.

Water Damage-2

Once I started taking the closet out I found some previous damage that had been patched.  Since this wall is going to be exposed I decided that I wanted to repair it better than how the previous owners had repaired it.

Water Damage-4Water Damage-10Water Damage-7

Originally my plan was to take down the wall to the right side and replace it with new wood, but leave the wood for the wall to the left up.  However, after taking off the trim I decided I am going to leave the wood up that is currently there and I am going to put new wood over the whole wall to give it an extra layer of insulation.

Water Damage-3

The next repair I have to complete is the wood below this storage door.  As you can see it is completely rotted.

Water Damage-6

I am planning to cut out the rotted wood and replace it with new piece of wood.  Also since I am not going to be using this storage door so I am going to figure out how to seal it off so that it is tightly closed and sealed.  Hopefully then there won’t be any issues with it leaking in the future.  We are pretty sure this storage door has previously had issues with leaking.

The final repair I have to make is the floor.  In front of the storage door and in front of what use to be the closet and below a window are some soft places in the wood.  I have debated back and forth on how I wanted to repair this.  Originally I wanted to peal the flooring back and take up the old wood.   The person we purchased the RV from had repaired the floor by laying new plywood down on top of what is already there.  However, after taking out the nightstand and the closet the plywood he had down won’t quiet work and I would prefer it to be one solid piece.  So I have decided I am going to put down new plywood over the existing flooring.  Where all the plywood will be is going to be a bedroom so making it look nice will be relatively easy.

Water Damage-12

So lets see what all repairs I have to make:

  1. New wood for wall.
  2. New wood for wood under the storage door.
  3. New plywood for floor.

I am hoping to use as much of the wood that I currently have on hand as possible to make these repairs.  Then I will be ready to remove the staples in the walls, patch the walls and prime the walls.

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RV Renovations ~ Demolition

Projects never seem to go the way you think they will before you get started and renovating the RV is another true example of it.  Last week I shared a before tour of the RV and some plans I HAD for the RV.  Now my plans have completely changed!!

I went in the RV last week wanting to get started on a few things that I could do without my husband’s help.  I thought I wanted to make the benches in the dinette into dog kennels for my two little dogs.  After taking out one of the benches, taking down all the window treatments all my plans changed.

You see I LOVE the view from the bed of The Motor Home Memoirs.  I have been dreaming of the day I would sell this RV and purchase a motorhome so I could have that view.  I had no clue I had that view until I took down the window treatments on all the windows in the RV.  Then I looked out and realized from the bottom bunk I have that view!!  I was sold, that will be my bed!!!

RV Demolition-6

After taking out one of the benches in the dinette I decided I wanted to completely take it all out.  I mean in most small houses who really eats at the kitchen table anyway??  I decided I would rather purchase some TV trays to use or like we did for most of our meals when we lived in the RV, eat outside!!  After some measuring I realized the sofa will actually fit below the window so I decided I want to move the sofa to below the window.  Of course after taking the sofa out from its original location I am planning on recovering it before I put it back in.  Do you think regular cotton fabric would hold up because I totally have enough of that in my stash to recover the sofa?!?!?  But honestly I think I need some thicker upholstery fabric.

RV Demolition-7RV Demolition-11

Once we took the sofa out we were able to remove the heater.  I do still plan to remove all the gas from the RV.  When we lived in it the temperature dropped down in the 30s one night and we were plenty warm with our electric heaters so we are going to just use that instead.  But the process of completely taking out all the gas won’t be finished for a while.  I plan to replace the hot water heater with an electric one and take out the gas stove.  But I am still thinking about the kitchen renovations.  Right now my focus is on the sleeping arrangements and living area.

RV Demolition-10

So if I am taking over the bottom bunk where are the children going to sleep??  Great question!!  We are going to build two sets of bunk beds where the “bedroom” previously was.  So we took down the half way and we were going to take down the portion of the bedroom wall that goes all the way to the ceiling, but we decided its in the prefect location for building one set of bunk beds.  We will have one set of bunk beds on the back wall and one set on the front wall.  The ones on the back wall will be exactly 6′ so the smaller two children will sleep on those.  While the other two bunk beds will be slightly larger being the exact same size as the current top bunk (which is above my bed).  Then we will have a farm style door to close off the children’s bedroom.

After taking down the half wall we decided to take up the carpet in the bedroom.  We knew for some reason there was plywood under the carpet and we had debated on how to handle that.  We decided MAYBE we should take the plywood up and find out why it was down.  I really didn’t want to at first.  But it was really best that we did.  The floor in the back corner is soft and rotted.  Also we learned we have a leak somewhere.  =(  STOP WORKING!!  Now we have to find this leak and figure out how to fix it.  Then we can get back to the renovation.

RV Demolition-12

We do still plan on taking at the “night stand” and “closet” that is in what use to be the bedroom.

RV Demolition-13

But right now our focus is on the leak!!  If anyone has any tips about leaks in RVs I would love to hear them!!

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RV Renovations ~ Before Tour

Earlier this year we were homeless for about a week between selling our previous house and closing on the purchase of our current house.  During that time we were struck with what to do.  Our family is rather large (four children, four dogs, one cat and a goldfish).  After some research we decided to purchase an RV.  Adam and I have wanted an RV for quiet some time so it wasn’t a total loss for us.  Originally we were suppose to be homeless for two weeks and finding a hotel large enough that would allow us to keep all of our pets was more costly than what we spent purchasing our RV.

We knew when we purchased it there was some stuff we wanted to do to it.  But after living in it for a week, there is even more we know that we want to do to it.

Here are some pictures of how it currently looks:

RV Living Before Tour-1RV Living Before Tour-2RV Living Before Tour-3RV Living Before Tour-4RV Living Before Tour-5RV Living Before Tour-6RV Living Before Tour-7

We have lots we want to do and I am sure as we get in there and get to work we will learn of more and more we want to do.

Some things to get started include:

  1. Remove the sofa bed
  2. Paint
  3. Remove the carpet and put down new flooring
  4. Redo the wall into the bedroom so its a complete wall and door
  5. Take out everything gas
  6. Redo all the kitchen
  7. Recover the cushions for the dining table
  8. Make curtains
  9. Replace the awning
  10. Repair the bathroom

Needless to say I have a lot of work on my plate.  But I am looking forward to moving it and getting everything done.