Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday #2 ORGANIZING

When we put our house on the market and I shared pictures of my house, one thing that got the most comments was my pantry and “how organized” it is.  Every time I heard this I always thought to myself “I am glad someone thinks it looks organized because its a hot mess”.  But in all reality I guess it is pretty well organized.

So how did I get it so well organized so easily???  LABELS!!!  Actually I label everything!!!

Several years ago I order a bunch of chalk labels from zulilly or somewhere like that and I have used them on my craft supplies, my husband’s tool boxes, my pantry and more.  They don’t work the best as far as erasing the previous wording and reusing them.  But I love the chalkboard look with the chalk markers.


Anything that I have divided into categories is is labeled.  Then when someone is looking for something it can easily be found and when someone is done with something they can easily figure out where it goes to put it back up.  Now the putting it back up doesn’t always happen in the timeframe I would prefer.  But when we do stop and pick up everything that is out of place the labels make it so that everyone can help me in getting everything organized back where it belongs.

Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday #1 DECLUTTER

I always hear, “how do you keep everything so well organized?”  It starts with decluttering!  You can not organize clutter.  First you must get rid of stuff that is broken, unused and unloved.

The first one is obviously, broken!!  Its not hard to look at something and see that its broken or parts are missing.  Don’t hang on to those things, get rid of them.  Don’t donate them, but trash them.

The next part I want to talk about is unused.  How do you determine if something is “unused”??  When was the last time you used it??  Have you used it in the last year??  Some people like to say the last six months, but because of season I always say a year.  If you haven’t used it in the last year, consider getting rid of it.  Now why do I say consider instead of “donate or sell it”.  That leads us to our next step.

Is it unloved??  There are things we keep that are unused because they are loved.  Do you have items that are unused, but they have sentimental meaning to you??  Then keep them!!  But remember everything can NOT have sentimental meaning to you.  That shirt that you bought that doesn’t fit and you never wore, it doesn’t have sentimental meaning to you.  Now that piece of jewelry that you never wear but it was handmade by your child, it would have sentimental value to you.  I have many of those!!

Are you trying to get your house organized??  Have you decluttered every room??  Start with decluttering the room before you try to organize it.