First Day Back to School with a Free Cut File

Monday was actually our first day back to school.  This is a day that I was actually really excited about this year for a few reasons:

  1. Its Bradley’s first day of Kindergarten.
  2. We have a new school room at our new house.

It being Bradley’s first day of Kindergarten is actually bittersweet.  I am so proud of how far he has come, but its a reminder that he isn’t a baby anymore.  His baby years were so hard with all his health problems and developmental delays so now that he is doing great I want to hold on to him being little for as long as I possibly can.  I am sure Alyssa turning 13 this year doesn’t help my Mommy need to hold on to the being little for a little bit longer.

But we have been preparing for this day for some time now.  I had several books we have read over the last few weeks to help get him ready for the first day of school.  We have read “Watch Out Kindergarten, Here I Come”, “Curious George First Day of School” and “Berenstain Bears Go Back to School”.  Bradley has really enjoyed reading each of these books and it has definitely set the stage for him as to what was to be expected with school.  Now of course his day is different because of us homeschooling, but the books really did help prepare him.  Although I did cry the night before his first day reading “Watch Out Kindergarten, Here I Come”.

First Day of School-1

Another thing I did this year to prepare for the first day of school was I made each of the children personalized shirts.  I wanted a shirt that they could all wear and matching when we go on a field trip, but if they don’t outgrow it before next school year (I did go up a size for the big kids) I wanted them to still be able to wear it next year too.  So I didn’t put their grade on it.

First Day of School-3

All of their shirts are the same color, but I let each child pick out his/her writing color.  Yes, Bradley picked out pink.  It is his favorite color for those of you who didn’t know that.

The front of their shirts say “My School is So Private You have to be Born into It”.  I designed this cut file in silhouette studio.  Today I am sharing my free cut file with you that you can download here.  This is a silhouette studio file and I am not sure about converting it to work with a cricut.  Please remember all file downloads and printables are free FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  No commercial use or redistribution is permitted.  This means that you can use the files to make things for yourself or as gifts but you are NOT permitted to sell any items you create with the files.  You also may not sell or share the files themselves.

First Day of School-10First Day of School-8First Day of School-12First Day of School-5

The back of their shirts say “Class Of” then the year they graduate.  This is where each shirt is rather different, but still the same and personalized.

First Day of School-4First Day of School-11First Day of School-9First Day of School-13First Day of School-7

Finally, I am pretty much done with our school room!!  I am so excited to show it to you so make sure to come back tomorrow to see it!!

First Day of School-2

Thursday To Do #4

Thursday To Do

In the process of getting the dining room/school room ready and getting ready for back to school.  I realized I need more wall space for everything I want to hang up in our school days.  Thinking about it brought me to the kids’ hall because it touches the wall to the dining room/school room area.  Now this is the hall that most of the kids’ bedrooms are on (everyone but Noah’s).  I decided I really needed this space for school purposes so I decided to work on it.

Here is a before picture:

Thursday To Do #4

I am so ready to get rid of some of this dark brown!!  Its not a lot of work, but there is work to be done.

  1. Paint Walls
  2. Paint Trim
  3. Purchase and Hang Clipboards
  4. Replace Light Fixtures
  5. Decorate Walls Past Gate (I have no clue what I want to put on the other side of the gate)
  6. Create Art Work Lettering

Hopefully I can get most of this done in the next few days so its ready before we start back to school on MONDAY!!!

I don’t have much left to do to finish up the dining room/school room and getting ready for back to school:


  1. Purchase Three New Outlet Covers
  2. Make Valance
  3. Purchase a Curtain Rod
  4. Purchase Rug for Bradley’s Area
  5. Replace Light Fixture

Of course none of this stuff really affects us with school.  Its more decorations so I am not completely stressing about it.


  1. Order New Curriculum
  2. Sign Up for Homeschool Minder

I have ordered some of our new curriculum and some of it we don’t need just yet so we are ready to get started on Monday.

Do you think I can get it all done before Monday??  I certainly hope so!!  If not I guess it will be ok if its not ready exactly in time, because its for our art wall.

If you want to read about how far I have come with the dining room/school room make sure to check out Thursday To Do #1 & #2.  Also to see what all I have done to get ready for back to school check out Thursday To Do #3.

Personalized Library Bag for Back to School – Free Cut File

We are getting ready for back to school in full force at our house!!  We are starting back on MONDAY!!  And there is still several things I want to finish up before we start back.  Hopefully I get it all done!!  One of the projects I have finished up for our back to school and just in time for our pre-first day of school library trip is this adorable library bag.  With us homeschooling we pick up a lot of books at the library and we usually try to go once a week.  That doesn’t always happen, but when it doesn’t we usually still have plenty of books until our next trip anyway.

Library Bag-1

When the children and I went looking for this bag I told them I wanted one that I could add some heat transfer vinyl to and make it custom for us.  I didn’t want a bag that was too girly looking since I do have two boys.  I had this vision in my head of the shape I wanted the bag to be and I wanted a pocket on it.  So we looked one day at Hobby Lobby and it was a week that just happen to have their Me & My B.A.G. products on sale!!  Of course that meant a good bite of their blank bags were sold out.  But as the children and I walked up and down the aisle looking for just the prefect bag until we found this one.  Its a natural laminated jute tote with canvas pocket.  I so did not realize the inside was laminated until AFTER I had used it on the heat press, oops!!  But it came out just fine!!


On the pocket I wanted to add a quote.  When the children asked me what I was going to put on it they were all saying stuff and I told them I wanted a cute quote to put on it.  One of the children said “what about a Dr. Suess quote”?  Of course, you can never go wrong with Dr. Suess and children so I went to searching online for the prefect quote when I came upon this one:

“The more you read, the more you know, the more you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Suess

I just knew this was the prefect quote for our library bag!!

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 11.25.50 PM

I decided to use red and blue for the writing to make it gender neutral and I wanted some of the words to stand out more.  So I made read, know, learn and you’ll go in a larger bolder font.  Now our bag is all ready for our before school starts library trip!!  Bradley official starts school next week and we are going to need lots of books with him learning how to read!!

Library Bag-2

Want to make your own bag??  You can download your own copy of the cut file here.  Please remember all file downloads and printables are free FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  No commercial use or redistribution is permitted.  This means that you can use the files to make things for yourself or as gifts but you are NOT permitted to sell any items you create with the files.  You also may not sell or share the files themselves.

If you use my cut file to create your own bag or other item I would love to see it!!  Please comment below with a link where I can see it or tag me on Instagram.

August Planning

Can you believe it is almost August??  Where has 2017 gone??  In a few weeks we will start back to school, scouts starts back and I am turning 33!!  Wow, I can not believe it!!  In July I finished my first bullet journal.  I have several that I have started and not finished, but I completed the journal.  During July I started thinking about what I wanted my next bullet journal to look like and then I saw the Faith planner which changed everything.  I kinda fell in love with Happy Planners!!  I do have a rather large stack of planners that I am currently using, but each planner has a purpose and they are not all day planners.

August Planning-1

Of course with school starting back I decided for this school year my planner would be a Happy Planner!!  I can not wait to show y’all more of this planner.

August Planning-2

I mentioned that I saw the Faith planner and that changed everything.  Yes it did!!  I actually got this planner for my birthday.  My Mother gave me money for my birthday and I decided this was what I wanted to spend the money on.

August Planning-3

I will share more of my Faith planner with you later, but right now I just want to share my month view for August.  I have the verse for each day written out on the day from my Verse-A-Day Challenge.  Then I just added a few quotes that I liked to fill in some of the space where there wasn’t a day.  Then at the top of the page instead of having my top 5, I decided to change it and note the Bible studies I am currently working on.  I have my Verse-A-Day Challenge, Seeking a Heart Like His (which is our Wednesday night study at church but it has daily homework in it) and Armor of God (which is a Bible study I am doing with some scout Moms).

August Planning-4

Then I have my day planner.  I just love the front cover!!  This year has been a struggle for me.  With us moving I have not accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish and it has had me down.  So when I saw this cover I knew this cover was prefect for my day planner.

August Planning-5

I have my month of August set up with all the events that I know of so far.  I also included my personal monthly goals and a quote at the bottom!!  I kinda love inspirational quotes right now.

August Planning-6

Next I have my mini happy planner, I actually got this planner several months ago when we were at the beach.  I attempted to use it and it just didn’t work for me.  I took out the couple of months that I attempted to use it for and decided to make it a blog planner.  It is an undated calendar so that really helped with taking out the few months and picking up where I wanted to.

August Planning-7

My month view is set up as my editorial calendar.  I am actually planning two different blogs in this planner so it is color coded, but more about that in a minute.

August Planning-8

My weekly view is going to be my social media planning.  So I have already set it up for the whole month.  Then I can go through and plan what I want to share where.  For now I am planning to plan my social media for both this blog, my puppy blog and my two Etsy shops in this planner.

August Planning-9August Planning-10August Planning-11August Planning-12

I didn’t need Friday through Sunday of the last week so I decided to cover it with cardstock and add cute stickers that matched my month planning.  I am going to use this page for taking notes and putting down reminders for the next month.

August Planning-13

Lastly, I have my bullet journal.  I went back and forth about if I was going to use this bullet journal or not.  When I decided to use Happy Planner this bullet journal was still in the wrapping and I debated on sending it back to Amazon.  But its my favorite color and I have been waiting for so long to have this exact bullet journal and there are some things I still need a journal for so I decided to go ahead and use it.

August Planning-14

I sent up my key and color coding in the front of my bullet journal.  I am actually planning on making the color coding a flip out on the bottom because I am color coding the bottom edge of each page to match what it goes along with.  I am also using this same color coding through out my social media planner so I will probably add this color coding chart in the front of my social media planner too.

August Planning-19

I am using my Stampin’ Up Stamp Write for my color coding.  Here is a picture showing the names of each of the colors.  If you can’t read them let me know.

August Planning-20

I did transfer over my mid-year goals from my previous bullet journal since goals, collections and list are my main purpose of this bullet journal.

August Planning-16

My monthly set up is very basic.  I have my monthly goals and weekly task on a two page spread.  This really helped me a lot in my other bullet journal and I knew this was something I wanted to continue with.

August Planning-17

Also I am still using my social media and abundance tracker.  I am tracking my social media growth and how much I have each day in sells.  I may move the social media tracker to my social media planner later, but for now I am going to leave it in my bullet journal.

August Planning-18

So having multiple planners/journals isn’t as crazy as it looks now is it??  Do you use a certain planner??  I would love to hear about it, comment below and tell me about it and if you blog about it share a link so I can check it out.

Bible Journaling Challenge – Spending More Time with God

One thing I really strive to do is spend quality time with God everyday.  Bible journaling is something that has helped me spend more quality time with God everyday.  I have decided I want to start journaling a verse a day, whether its in my Bible, planner, sketch pad or just a napkin that I have handy.  I would like to to challenge all of you to join in me in journaling everyday and spending that quality time with God.  Remember its not about what you journal on and what you journal in, its about spending time with God and growing in your relationship with God.

For the month of August I choose verses related to inspiration.  Each month I am going to select verses related to a different theme and I felt inspiration was not only something good to start with, but also good since most kids and teachers will be going back to school during the month of August (my children and I included).  We can all use a little inspiration!!

You can download this graphic I created with the verse for each day and save it on to your computer, smartphone or you can even print it and put it with your Bible.

Verse A Day (August 2017-2)

I would like to encourage you to share your verse a day journaling.  I will be sharing mine everyday on Instagram with the hashtag #BibleJournalingwithSheena.  If you share yours in Instagram please be sure to use this hashtag so I can find you and we can connect!!  You can even share my graphic on Instagram with hashtag #BibleJournalingwithSheena and invite your friends to join us.

Are you looking for others who enjoy Bible Journaling??  Join us in our Facebook group at Beginner Bible Journaling.  I look forward to seeing everyones work and all of us growing closer to God!!

Thursday To Do #3

So if have seen my last two post in this series, #1 and #2, then you know I have ALOT of work to do to make this house our home, which I have done NONE of this past week.  BUT…I also still have my regular everyday stuff to do such as preparing for the next school year.

Thursday To Do

I spent about three days where all I did was plan for next school year.  Normally this is a process that I start in January and by the end of the school year I am basically ready for the next school year other than pulling out last years school work and setting up for the next year.  But with all of this moving, yep I started this process LAST WEEK!!!!  But surprisingly I have come along way in a week.

My newest love in the planner world is Happy Planners (more about that later) so of course I went out and picked up one of the Teacher Happy Planners for this next school year.  I absolutely love how cute it is and the stickers that go with it are even cuter!!  I have been working on creating some personalized stickers for my planner.  Be sure to keep an eye out for them.

Thursday To Do #3

I have planned out our whole school calendar.  I don’t like to have short weeks so this year I decided to plan a fall break during the week of Labor Day since we start back early August.  After that other than Thanksgiving break, Christmas break and spring break we are not planning for any other days off.  One nice thing about homeschooling is that even when you have something else going on (like bad weather) we can still do our school work.  I do actually have more days planned than our cover school requires.  But honestly we enjoy school and even during our breaks we still end up doing stuff related to school.

I have planned out which curriculum we are using for everything this year.  This year is Bradley’s first required year of school, so he will be joining us in some stuff this year and he will have some of his own stuff to do this year as well.  Our curriculum is based on a Charlotte Mason method.  Later on I’ll give you a break down of all the curriculum we are using this year.  One thing I have found that I really like to do is purchase e-books instead of physical books because I am generally using the same book for multiple children and it ends up being cheaper that way.

To Do List

  • Make Subject Stickers
  • Send Registration to Cover School
  • Set Up Kindles
  • Sell Old Curriculum
  • Order New Curriculum
  • Purchase Supplies
  • Pull Old Curriculum Off Shelves
  • Pull Need Curriculum from Totes
  • Sign Up for Homeschool Minder
  • Pack 2017-2018 School Work
  • Label Memory Verse Box
  • Research Kindergarten More
  • Make Shape Lacing Cards
  • Laminate Matching Cards
  • Gather Counting Books

This was my to do list that I started in my planner as I was working and as you can see I have already marked off a good many things.  I seriously can not believe Bradley is already starting Kindergarten, it seems like we were just bringing him home from the NICU and running back and forth to the doctor everyday.

Be sure to check back next week and hopefully I will have a lot more knocked off this list and more off of my to do list from redecoration the school room.

Additional Bible Journaling Supplies

Last week I did an introduction to Bible Journaling talking about which Bibles I use and some of my supplies.  This week I want to talk about some additional supplies that are some of my top picks when it comes to Bible Journaling.  Please remember you do not need any of these supplies to get started with Bible journaling.  You can use anything you already have on hand.

First I love to mark my pages so that I can easily find them later.  This can be done is several ways.  The way I have done this the most is with tabs that I have created from a tab punch I picked up at Hobby Lobby and some scrapbook paper I already had at home.

Bible Journaling Supplies-1

I also like to add stickers to the pages.  When I am not in the mood to hand letter or I just want to make it a little faster going on myself I will grab my stickers and add them to the page.  I like to mix up different color stickers with upper and lower case letters and different letter fonts.

Bible Journaling Supplies-2

Finally one of my other favorite ways to add something to my Bible is with a overlay.  Usually I will find a picture online that speaks to me with the story I am studying and then I will print that picture on velum.  Once I have printed the picture on velum, I will cut it down to the size I want it to be in my Bible.  Then I will use glue to attach it to the inside edge of my Bible.  Last I will use washi tape to place over where the glue is to make it look prettier.

Bible Journaling Supplies-3

Do you have any special supplies you like to use with your Bible Journaling??  I would love to hear about it.  You can leave a comment below and tell me about it.  Also you can share it on Instagram with me by using hashtag #BibleJournalingwithSheena.  Looking to connect with others who Bible Journal??  Join us in our group on Facebook, Beginner Bible Journaling.