Thankful Bookmarks ~ FREE PRINTABLE

How is everyone’s November Verse of the Day Challenge coming along??  So when I put together the verses for this month I totally didn’t think about some of them being on the same page.  But since in the first week three of them were on the same page I had to get creative.

Thankful Bookmarks-1

Right now I am doing a good bit of reading.  Not only in my Bible, but in several other books as well.  So I decided I would create bookmarks for those verses.  Also I decided I would use my new Promise Bible from KJV Bibles for this months challenge and on some pages there are verses that are pre-drawn and its not the verses I have in the challenge so for those pages as well I decided to create some bookmarks.

Thankful Bookmarks-8

If you are following along on Instagram or in my Facebook Group you have probably seen some of these bookmarks.  Today I am so excited to be sharing them with you as a FREE printable you can download and print for your own personal use.  I actually printed mine on sticker paper and thought about using them as stickers, but I changed my mind.  However, the sticker paper does make them thicker for using in books and my Bible.

So far this month I have made bookmarks for Day 3 (Colossians 3:15),

Thankful Bookmarks-4

Day 4 (Colossians 3:17),

Thankful Bookmarks-5

Day 5 (Colossians 4:2),

Thankful Bookmarks-6

Day 7 (James 1:17) and

Thankful Bookmarks-7

Day 9 (John 14:1).

Thankful Bookmarks-3

I did use very basic techniques with my bookmarks.  I simply colored them with colored pencils (which I also received from KJV Bibles) and then I placed them in my Bible.  If you are interested in these FREE bookmarks you can download them here.  Be sure to share with me what you use them for in my Facebook group or on Instagram with #BibleJournalingwithSheena I love seeing everyone’s work!!


A Month of Thankfulness ~ Bible Journaling Challenge

I can not believe it is already November.  I feel like “where did this year go”.  It has gone by so quickly.  This month I want to focus on thankful and Thanksgiving Bible verses for our monthly challenge.  I hope none of these verses are ones we have done in the last few months, but I felt like these were the best verses for this month.

Are you new to the challenge and not sure what I am talking about??  Not a problem.  Each month I provide a graphic with a verse for each day.  We take the verse and spend some time reflecting on it and then Bible journaling it.  We share our work in my Facebook Group Beginner Bible Journaling and we share our work on Instagram with #BibleJournalingwithSheena.  I hope you will join us a grow with us this month!!

In case you missed my video on Facebook recently, I received two Promise Bibles from KJV Bibles.  Both of these Bibles are journaling Bibles and I absolutely love them.  I also received some other goodies from them and for this months challenge I have decided I am going to use the pink Promise Bible for all of the verses.

Remember a journaling Bible is not necessary to be able to join us for this challenge. You can use anything that you have on hand.  Make sure you download the graphic below and I hope to see you on Facebook and Instagram.

Verse A Day (November 2017)

***I am affiliated with KJV Bibles, meaning if you purchase from my link I will receive a small commission at no charge to you.***


October Verse-A-Day Bible Journaling Challenge

I am so excited to be back today to kick off another month of the October Verse-A-Day Bible Journaling Challenge.  I have absolutely loved seeing everyone’s work for the last two months and I am super excited to see what everyone does with the verses for this month.

Make sure to invite you friends to join us.  We will be sharing our daily work in our Facebook Group Beginner Bible Journaling.  Also if you share your Bible Journaling on Instagram be sure to use #BibleJournalingwithSheena.

Make sure you save the photo below so you can easily join us each day and I hope to see your work in the Facebook Group and on Instagram.  As always if you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or contact me through email or social media!!

Verse A Day (October 2017)

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September Bible Journaling Challenge

I am so excited to start another month of our Verse-A-Day Challenge.  I absolutely loved seeing everyone’s work last month in our Facebook group and on Instagram.  Remember if you share on Instagram to use #BibleJournalingwithSheena and if your profile is private I won’t be able to find it even with the hashtag unless we are friends on Instagram.

This month I decided to select verses that are the most popular.  In selecting these verses I found a list of ones that are the most read on Bible Gateway.  Since my Bible Journaling group is for beginners I want to spend the next couple of months really focusing on getting started.  Not only getting started with Bible journaling, but also for new Christians.  So I felt like these verses would be really helpful for everyone.

This week we are wrapping up the month of August and the challenge for August.  Today on Youtube I am sharing some bookmarks I created for my Bible Journaling entries for August.  They are super cute and super easy to make.


Are you joining in and doing the Verse-A-Day Challenge with us??  I would love to hear about your experience with it.  If you share it on social media, please tag me so I can see it.  Did you participate last month??  I would love to hear how it went for you.  What did you learn and how did it help you in growing your relationship with God??

Be sure to download the image below or save it to your phone so you can keep up with what verse we are doing each day.  I will be sharing my work each day on my Facebook page, in my Facebook group and on Instagram.

Verse A Day (September 2017-2)


Creating a Permission Page

Today on YouTube, I am creating a permission page in my Creative Bible.  Last week when I did the walk through of my ESV Journaling Bible I showed you my permission page in my ESV Journaling Bible.  But today I am creating a permission page and showing you how you can create your own permission page.

Permission Page

On this page, I used my watercolor crayons from Stampin’ Up and my aqua painter.  Stampin’ Up no longer has the crayons available for purchase, however, I have seen other watercolor crayons at Hobby Lobby and I am sure you can find some at different craft stores that will work the same.  I also used a heat gun to help speed up the process of drying my page.

Then I used a foam stamp and a black stamp pad to stamp in a large “P” in the top left corner of the page.  I used this “P” as the “p” in permission and in page for my heading of my permission page.  I used my pitt artist pen to write in cursive “ermission” and “age”.

I also used my pitt artist pen for my list of what this Bible is for!!  Be sure to check out my YouTube video to see exactly what I did and let me know if you have any questions.

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Bible Journaling FREE Printable

If you have been following along with my Verse-A-Day Bible Journaling Challenge, then you know that today’s verse is Hebrews 10:19-23.

When I started working on this verse, I really wanted to do some hand lettering in my Bible, but I didn’t really know what I wanted.  So I decided to look at some fonts on my computer and put together some lettering from it.  After doing so I decided instead of copying the lettering into my Bible that I would print it on vellum and glue it into my Bible instead.  I don’t have any clear sticker paper on hand, but the vellum works pretty much the same way.

August Bible Journaling-4

I thought I would share this design with you so that you can use it to print and include in your Bible as well.  You can download your FREE copy here.  Please remember all file downloads and printables are free FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  No commercial use or redistribution is permitted.  This means that you can use the files to make things for yourself or as gifts but you are NOT permitted to sell any items you create with the files.  You also may not sell or share the files themselves.

If you use my printable, I would love to see it!!  Or if you Bible journal I would love to see it too.  Use #BibleJournalingwithSheena in Instagram or leave me a comment below.


Welcome to YouTube

So I did a thing, I decided to start sharing about Bible Journaling on YouTube!!  I am really excited about it and looking forward to sharing a weekly Bible Journaling video.

This week on YouTube I am doing a walk through of my ESV single column journaling Bible.  I am showing you so of my favorite pages I have created in this Bible.  It includes my permission page, my content page, pages with vellum, pages with paint, pages with watercolor, pages with colored pencils and more.  I hope you will check it out!!

Photo Aug 14, 1 52 44 PM

You can find my YouTube channel HERE and my video for this week HERE!!  If you like what you see make sure to click thumbs up and if you want to see more of my videos make sure to click subscribe!!


Bible Journaling Challenge – Spending More Time with God

One thing I really strive to do is spend quality time with God everyday.  Bible journaling is something that has helped me spend more quality time with God everyday.  I have decided I want to start journaling a verse a day, whether its in my Bible, planner, sketch pad or just a napkin that I have handy.  I would like to to challenge all of you to join in me in journaling everyday and spending that quality time with God.  Remember its not about what you journal on and what you journal in, its about spending time with God and growing in your relationship with God.

For the month of August I choose verses related to inspiration.  Each month I am going to select verses related to a different theme and I felt inspiration was not only something good to start with, but also good since most kids and teachers will be going back to school during the month of August (my children and I included).  We can all use a little inspiration!!

You can download this graphic I created with the verse for each day and save it on to your computer, smartphone or you can even print it and put it with your Bible.

Verse A Day (August 2017-2)

I would like to encourage you to share your verse a day journaling.  I will be sharing mine everyday on Instagram with the hashtag #BibleJournalingwithSheena.  If you share yours in Instagram please be sure to use this hashtag so I can find you and we can connect!!  You can even share my graphic on Instagram with hashtag #BibleJournalingwithSheena and invite your friends to join us.

Are you looking for others who enjoy Bible Journaling??  Join us in our Facebook group at Beginner Bible Journaling.  I look forward to seeing everyones work and all of us growing closer to God!!


Additional Bible Journaling Supplies

Last week I did an introduction to Bible Journaling talking about which Bibles I use and some of my supplies.  This week I want to talk about some additional supplies that are some of my top picks when it comes to Bible Journaling.  Please remember you do not need any of these supplies to get started with Bible journaling.  You can use anything you already have on hand.

First I love to mark my pages so that I can easily find them later.  This can be done is several ways.  The way I have done this the most is with tabs that I have created from a tab punch I picked up at Hobby Lobby and some scrapbook paper I already had at home.

Bible Journaling Supplies-1

I also like to add stickers to the pages.  When I am not in the mood to hand letter or I just want to make it a little faster going on myself I will grab my stickers and add them to the page.  I like to mix up different color stickers with upper and lower case letters and different letter fonts.

Bible Journaling Supplies-2

Finally one of my other favorite ways to add something to my Bible is with a overlay.  Usually I will find a picture online that speaks to me with the story I am studying and then I will print that picture on velum.  Once I have printed the picture on velum, I will cut it down to the size I want it to be in my Bible.  Then I will use glue to attach it to the inside edge of my Bible.  Last I will use washi tape to place over where the glue is to make it look prettier.

Bible Journaling Supplies-3

Do you have any special supplies you like to use with your Bible Journaling??  I would love to hear about it.  You can leave a comment below and tell me about it.  Also you can share it on Instagram with me by using hashtag #BibleJournalingwithSheena.  Looking to connect with others who Bible Journal??  Join us in our group on Facebook, Beginner Bible Journaling.


Welcome to Bible Journaling

A few years ago on my ride to (or maybe home from) the beach, I was catching up on reading some of my favorite bloggers recent post when I stumbled upon Bible journaling.  It immediately caught my interest and I began learning all I could about it and spending more time in my Bible after church illustrating the sermon.

I had to have just the right Bible and all the right supplies.  Well the supplies part was pretty easy for me since I have tons and tons of supplies from my days of scrapbooking.  But as time went by I learned something, Bible journaling is not about having the prefect Bible or all the right supplies.  Its about spending more time in God’s word.  Its about using your artistic talents to worship God.

Now I did purchase a journaling Bible.  Actually since that car ride I have purchased two journaling Bibles.  I have the black ESV single column journaling Bible and I have the KJV Creative Bible.  But before I purchased either one of these Bibles I would use you NIV that is my go to Bible (I kinda love the size of it).  I also would spend time in a sketch pad doing some Bible journaling.

Welcome to Bible Journaling-1

Next lets talk about supplies.  This is something I get asked about quiet regularly, “what supplies do you use”, “what do you use to color in your Bible”?  The best answer is “what do you have on hand??”  One of mine and my children’s favorite supplies are crayon twistable color pencils.

Welcome to Bible Journaling-2

A lot of people like to use pens in their Bible.  I have used Micropens, which are really nice because they do dry really quickly for when you are erasing pencil marks.  But I don’t like how easily the tips mess up.  One of my favorites when it comes to black pens is the Faber Castell Pitt Artist pen, but again the tip is not the best.

Welcome to Bible Journaling-3

I have also used staedler pens, which are not my favorite.  To me they run out too quickly for the price.

Welcome to Bible Journaling-4

I would rather use paper mate ink joy pens.  But honestly I don’t use pens very often in my Bible.

Welcome to Bible Journaling-5

A lot of people like to use markers in their Bible.  I have some Stampin’ Up Write which is a dual tip marker and pen combo from many years ago.  I am honestly surprised they still work.  They are some of my favorite to use.  Now before you start trying to find out where you can buy them they are my favorite because I also have ink pads that match them for my stamps.  So I can use the same color in stamp, marker or pen tip.  Another favorite marker of mine is the Towbow dual marker brushes.  Neither tip is pen like, but I do use them quiet regularly between my Bible and my journals.

Welcome to Bible Journaling-6

But when it comes to color my absolute all time favorite item to use is watercolors.  I like to cover over the whole page and by using watercolors the color is not so dark and it makes seeing the page much easier.  Again I have watercolor crayons from Stampin’ Up from many years ago and aqua painters that I use with them.  So you may not be able to find the exact watercolors that I use, but you can still find some watercolors.

Welcome to Bible Journaling-7

I hope this gives you some information in getting started with some of your supplies.  Make sure to gather up your supplies, create some beautiful art work during your worship time and share it with me on Instagram using hashtag #biblejournalingwithsheena.  Also make sure to head on over to Facebook and join our Beginner Bible Journaling Group.  I will see you back next week for more Bible Journaling tips!!