Home Tour

House Tour BEFORE

House Tour - Before

Welcome to our new house!!  We have LOTS to do everywhere, but I wanted to go ahead and share the whole house with you and then as I get each room done I will share each room with you finish and with much more detail.  Now remember these are real life pictures.  We have not cleaned up and prepped our house for photos.  So don’t be surprised when some rooms are a mess and there is still stuff to put unpack in room.

This is our living room. See I told you, dark chocolate walls. Yuck!! We still have a bookcase to build, Adam’s desk to finish putting together and boxes to unpack.

House Tour Before-2

But looking down the hall you can see our house is much larger than our previous house.

House Tour Before-5

This is our master bedroom. Again painting! We want a new bed but that has to wait right now because of our being homeless for a week situation. Our loving dog ripped our bedspread one of the first weeks in our new house so we need a new bedspread too. I hung pictures up, but not totally sure where I want them I put LOTS of nail holes in the walls.

House Tour Before-13

This is our master bath. It really is lovely. I just need to paint ((and we can’t agree on a color)) and do some decorating.

House Tour Before-1

This is our laundry room, and it needs some major shelving and organizing.

House Tour Before-4

And our pantry, at our old house we had a huge walk in pantry and at this house we had to make the closet across the hall from our laundry room our pantry.  Adam actually added this shelving since we moved in.  I still need to do some organizing and painting.

House Tour Before-3

This is Noah’s room. This paint drives me more crazy than any room in the house. It’s like they did touch up painting with another color and there are a MILLION nail holes in his walls from them.

House Tour Before-12

This is our dining room/school room. This color isn’t completely killing me, but the so many different colors all coming together in the foyer are and its a little too dark for my taste.

House Tour Before-6

This is my office. I do love that I am right by the school room and basically in the middle of the house when I am working.

House Tour Before-7

This is our kitchen. I have no clue what they were thinking with the two different colors. It reminds me of Christmas. The refrigerator won’t come out. We tried to pull it out the first week we were here and it’s stuck so…

House Tour Before-8

This is Taylor’s room. Her room probably has the least issues.

House Tour Before-11

This is the girls’ bathroom. We are going to get rid of the jetted tub and replace it with a tub shower combo because they need a shower and that won’t be as wide so it will give more room in the bathroom.

House Tour Before-15

This is Bradley’s room. Yes he got the biggest room. He has the most stuff and the biggest bed.

House Tour Before-9

This is the boys’ bathroom. It’s going to be completely gutted and redone.

House Tour Before-10

This is Alyssa’s room. She has the room with the biggest set of blinds and they are broken.

House Tour Before-14

That’s our new house!! Make sure to check back as I work on making each room into ours and share it with you here!!

Family Life

We Moved!!

Sorry I haven’t been around in a while, we moved and it has been a nightmare!! I think life is ((hopefully)) going to quit kick my booty soon. Well really this house has been kicking my booty.

We Moved

It all started when we got an offer on our previous house and it was exactly what we need except for one thing…we needed to put an offer in on a new house ASAP and we had been looking for months without any luck. We would find houses we “liked”, but nothing we “loved”.

We finally were able to work out a deal on a house. It had the room we wanted, was in the area we wanted to be in and was in our budget. That was really about it. We really didn’t realize how much this house was lacking that we wanted till after we moved in. Closing was a nightmare!!! We were homeless for about a week, but I’ll tell you more about that later. But we finally moved it!! At like midnight in the middle of the week.
The week we moved in everything went wrong. One of our air units broke (that was 3 months ago and we are STILL fighting to replace it). We have had to gut a closet, build all new duck work and cut new vents in the ceiling. Luckily we do have a unit that is cooling one end of our house and we have window unit in the other end, but it’s still hot on that end!! A window unit doesn’t cool a room with a 350* heat press going!!

Our water pressure is a joke!! If someone is using water in one room no one can use water in the rest of the house. Don’t flush the toilet or there goes everyone’s water pressure. Of course, this is really the least of our problems.

We HAD three bathrooms! My master bathroom is nice, other than the fact we need to run another outlet to use the jetted bathtub because the breaker trips every time I use it. The girls’ bathroom needs a new toilet. It was running all the time and it really doesn’t flush well. The boys’ bathroom needs to be gutted (next big project). The toilet is the same at the girls’ toilet, but the bad part was the shower. It is leaking and we are not completely sure where. Turning the water to the shower off didn’t work, we had to cut those lines and cap them. So everyone takes a shower in my bathroom and it takes FFOORREEVVEERR!!! Don’t even get me started on everyone needing to potty.

We need to paint!! When we worked out the contract on the house our plan was to paint as soon as we were out of school for the summer. However, air in 90* Alabama heat is ranking higher than painting. The walls in this house are closing in on me though. Someone who suffers from depression does NOT paint walls dark chocolate and crimson red and every other dark color you can find. It’s bad!! I’ll show you with my house tour.

But we did finish our school year!! Being settled in our house with all our stuff really has helped me with school a lot. Public school is no longer a thought. We enjoyed the end of our school year and as soon as our dining room/school room is painted I will be setting it up for our next school year!!

But now that we have moved I am back!! I have a house tour coming up for y’all and I am going to start weekly menu planning and weekly to do post.

Oh there is one big plus to this house…we live on a private lake with our own beach!!


Moving Checklist ~ FREE PRINTABLE

Preparing to move can be very daunting with everything you must do before, during and after the process is a lot to keep up with.

We are currently in the process of moving.  Our house is actually under contract, we have a contract on another house and we have a closing date set for both the sell of our current house and the purchase of our forever home.

I have started preparing checklist for emptying our refrigerators, freezers and pantry.  Along with list regarding things I must do the week of closing to prepare for the move, things I must do the day of closing to prepare for the move and things I must do the week following closing to help us settle into our new home.

To me one of the most important things you want to make sure you do is have all your services transferred over to your new home and your address updated with all the proper businesses so you don’t miss any important mail.  So I decided to design some check list stickers for my bullet journal and today I am sharing with you the PDF printable of those stickers, which you can download HERE!!  Please remember all file downloads and printables are free FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  No commercial use or redistribution is permitted.  This means that you can use the files to make things for yourself or as gifts but you are NOT permitted to sell any items you create with the files.  You also may not sell or share the files themselves.

Of course you will need to print them on sticker paper and cut them out if you want to have them as stickers, or you can use them just the way they are.


One thing I have always enjoyed doing is incorporating the pantene color of the year into some of my projects and since this one is related to moving and the color of the year is greenery, I thought this would be one of the prefect projects for incorporating the color of the year into.  So I made the title and the check boxes on my check list green and then when I did the doodling in my bullet journal I made sure to include greenery in it as well.


My stickers don’t quiet fill up the page in my bullet journal and I felt like some doodling, washi tape and lettering would be the prefect fit for filling up the page.  I used my tombow dual brush pens for doodling and coloring in my doodles.  Since it is related to houses and plants are on my mind I made sure to doodle some houses, vines and flowers on the page.  I absolutely LOVE washi tape and this line green washi tape from Target Dollar aisle was prefect to tie the two pages together.  I feel like moving is closing one chapter of our lives and starting a new one.  So I decided to hand letter “one door closes” on the top of the first page (never mind the last S didn’t fit) and “another opens” on the bottom of the second page.



I hope you find these check list as helpful as I know they will be for me on moving day!!

***Please note colors on printables may appear different on your screen than when printed.***