A Month of Thankfulness ~ Bible Journaling Challenge

I can not believe it is already November.  I feel like “where did this year go”.  It has gone by so quickly.  This month I want to focus on thankful and Thanksgiving Bible verses for our monthly challenge.  I hope none of these verses are ones we have done in the last few months, but I felt like these were the best verses for this month.

Are you new to the challenge and not sure what I am talking about??  Not a problem.  Each month I provide a graphic with a verse for each day.  We take the verse and spend some time reflecting on it and then Bible journaling it.  We share our work in my Facebook Group Beginner Bible Journaling and we share our work on Instagram with #BibleJournalingwithSheena.  I hope you will join us a grow with us this month!!

In case you missed my video on Facebook recently, I received two Promise Bibles from KJV Bibles.  Both of these Bibles are journaling Bibles and I absolutely love them.  I also received some other goodies from them and for this months challenge I have decided I am going to use the pink Promise Bible for all of the verses.

Remember a journaling Bible is not necessary to be able to join us for this challenge. You can use anything that you have on hand.  Make sure you download the graphic below and I hope to see you on Facebook and Instagram.

Verse A Day (November 2017)

***I am affiliated with KJV Bibles, meaning if you purchase from my link I will receive a small commission at no charge to you.***

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