Party Planning ~ FREE PRINTABLE

With all our moving stuff we had to put off some birthday parties, but now that we are moving (TODAY ACTUALLY)!!!  Say a quick prayer for us that everything goes smoothly and nothing get broken!!  We are back to planning our missed birthday parties.  Now my daughter chose to go to the beach for her birthday but my son decided to have a Paw Patrol party!!

I did most of my planning in my bullet journal.  Make notes of all the party details and where its going to be.  I also made a list of all items I need to purchase.  I like to do a lot of DIY stuff for the kids’ parties but there will still be stuff I will need to pick up.  Next I made a list of food.  Bradley is lactose intolerant so ice cream is not on our list, actually he can eat sherbet and come to think about that would go great with our color scheme!!  Then I have a special surprise for Bradley that requires a reservation.  Finally my to do list of stuff I need to do.


Of course a guest list is a requirement, but it just wasn’t something I really want to write in my bullet journal, so I decided to make a FREE printable for my guest list.  I wanted to include columns for name (I have to know who I invited), invite (so I can mark that they were invited), RSVP (so I can mark when some lets me know if they are coming or not), how many (because thats important for planning for food) and thank you (so I can make sure and send out thank you cards).

I did make a lot of this a little easier on me this year.  I decided since almost everyone is on Facebook that I would just create a Facebook event and invite everyone that way.  It will make keeping up with RSVP a little easier.

You can download your free copy of the printable HERE!!  Please remember all file downloads and printables are free FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.  No commercial use or redistribution is permitted.  This means that you can use the files to make things for yourself or as gifts but you are NOT permitted to sell any items you create with the files.  You also may not sell or share the files themselves.

If you use it I would love to see pictures of it.  Make sure and tag me if you share it on social media.

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