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Decorating for Fall

I am so excited to be decorating our new house for fall today!!  One thing that has really helped the children with making our new house our home has been seeing our season decorations put up!!  I decided before we moved that once we moved in I was going to start decluttering my holiday decoration boxes.  Now I only have two boxes for fall!!  I am excited to say that I have used everything I had on hand.

Lets check it out!!

Coming up the front porch I have my fall color pots I made a few years ago.  I am so happy with how they have held up over the years with the weather.  I still need some mums to put in them and then I will put my “FALL” letter picks in them, but when we were at the store the other day the mums did not look too great.  Anyone who knows me knows I am not too good at keeping my mums alive so we decided we probably shouldn’t buy those.  Once I get some mums, I’ll share a picture of them on Instagram.

Fall Decorating-4

On my front door I have my mental pumpkin that I purchased at Hobby Lobby a year or two ago.

Fall Decorating-5

In my dining room my table is all decked out.  It has my red table cloth with my leaf table runner and the placemats I made a few years ago.  I have one for each child and their handprints are on them as a turkey from the year I made the placemats.  I told the children we are going to add another handprint to the placemats this year.  In the center I have my flower holder Adam and I made several years ago.  Its actually reclaimed wood from the privacy fence that blew down at our old house after a tornado.  In the flower holder I have some fall leaves with some glitter pumpkins and some blue berries to give it a pop of color!

Fall Decorating-3

Moving on into my office I have decorated the mantel above the fireplace.  I have a picture frame with a picture of the three big kids from the first Halloween Adam and I were together.  On either side of the picture frame I have some pumpkins that I made a few years ago.  They are just some little pumpkins that I picked up at either Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby and then used stickers to put the children’s names on them.  Then I laid some of the lose blue berries between the pumpkins to tie in the color in my dining room.  I do want some fall color flowers to put in my vase Noah made me for my birthday.

Fall Decorating-2

I have some pumpkins I am going to spray paint and put on the fireplace.  Once I get that done I’ll share a picture of it on Instagram, so make sure you keep an eye out for it.

This year I have two tables to decorate, and I am so glad!!  In my kitchen I have my tan table cloth with my orange placemats.  Then across the back of the table I have my cornucopia with some veggies in it and glitter pumpkins on either side.  I have had most of this decor for years!!  I think the veggies may need a freshing up this year or next.  Maybe I will get a chance to do that this year and I will share it with you.

Fall Decorating-1

In my living room, I have my light up pumpkin sitting on the end table on a leaf placemat that matches the table runner in my dining room.  I have had this pumpkin since I was younger than the big kids.  I am so glad I still have it!!  I have not used it for several years, but this year I did!!

Fall Decorating-7

Finally under our TV we have this gas fireplace/stove (its for sale if you want it) and on it I have used some of the leaf placemats to cover the top.  Then I have a picture frame with a picture of all four children from a photo shot we did a few years ago with Sarah Pharris.  I have this metal pumpkin with light up tea candles in it and a glitter pumpkin sitting between the two.

Fall Decorating-6

I just love how our house looks for fall!!  Be sure to check by later this month or the first of October when I add in our Halloween decorations.  I like to put out my fall stuff in September and keep it out through Thanksgiving.  But for the month of October I like to add in my Halloween themed decorations.

17 thoughts on “Decorating for Fall”

  1. Well thought out and displayed to enjoy. Love pumpkins with kids names. It’s always interesting to me to see how other people decorate their homes, very personal. Enjoy it all. fun to do Halloween decorating, I miss that, our kids are all grown up with grown kids of their own. Where we live no small kids live on our street. Sometimes we go to our youngest daughters for Halloween to help hand out candy, they live in subdivision with lots of kids.
    Those years fly by with so many activities, cherish them while you have them..
    Have wonderful weekend

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jane Ellen! Yes they do!! My oldest is 13 and I am sitting here going how is my youngest 5 and in the amount of year my youngest has been alive my oldest will be an adult. I try to spend all the time with them that I can!!


  2. I love that metal pumpkin candle holder! Your house looks great. I need to decorate for fall this year still. #HomeMattersParty


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